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Company Culture

When it comes to rich, majority people will think of rich in fortune, but for Cosmoslight, a creative and continuously maturing team, rich in spirit is much more valuable than in fortune.

While we begin to set foot in LED industry, we firmly believe that it is the industry which can indeed bring our dream into reality. In the very beginning, we started our exploring way to advance with few support and understanding about us, but also our products and our service, as we are not well known by the society at that time. It was very confusing and arduous; however, we take it as an indispensable part in the process of grown up. Growing up is a complicated process which not only undergo being questioned, but also the industry selection and metamorphosis of pain to fulfill the mission. We take actions to make self-regulation and improvement with enthusiasm and passion.

Fortunately we are always striving for it, though it is difficult and insufferable. Till now we have our own faithful customers, our professional team and finally we win the space for ourselves in the industry.

Many people who have ever doubted that why did we never think of giving up? And what makes us to go ahead bravely? All the young people are just like a boat in the sea, once we have lost the direction and sign, the boat would be floating in the sea and getting sunk very soon. As to us, it is faith which is the direction sign during our voyage. It is always there to encourage us to keep calm and carry on no matter how hard it is! to many companies, customers are everything who created fortune for us. While we have never regarded customers as the tools to make money, instead they are our family, a part of Focono. We felt responsibility, obligation and undertaking to them in this position. What we should spare no efforts to do is to provide the customers with best quality products and service by keeping the basic benefit. Meanwhile, only create as much as business profit to Focono can we get a substantial development. Therefore, a win-win cooperation relationship depends on how the representative promotes the mutual developments of two parties by taking full advantages of her wisdom. This is exactly what we have been fighting for!

To be rich in fortune is temporary, while spiritual rich is beneficial to the whole life.

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